• About Keystone

    Our Mission:

    Develop, mature and deploy innovative materials and processing technologies for strategic market differentiation in conjunction with our partners and licensees.

    We are Effective Partners:

    We help companies achieve market advantage through low-cost, specialized manufacturing methods and linkage to market opportunities.

    We Easily Work with Large Companies:

    Our executive-level experience at a large OEM makes us an effective small-company partner to large system integrators. Our large company experience in the development, qualification, validation, and implementation of new technologies stands us apart from other small engineering and technology-based companies. We understand the process of transitioning technology into production.

    Keystone specializes in the development and deployment of innovative metals processing technologies, ranging from metal joining and welding methods to the deposition of 3-dimensional metal shapes from a computer file. Keystone is developing metalworking and joining technologies for the Air Force, Navy, NASA, and DARPA for defense-related applications, and works with numerous commercial enterprises for yacht building and commercial aviation.

    Keystone draws its expertise and experience from years of executive and management experience in materials science and engineering at a large aerospace company and its principals. Keystone’s expertise includes having led industry teams in the development of innovative aerospace technologies. Keystone is expanding defense-funded technology development into commercial markets with new manufacturing methods for low-cost, green, and rapid manufacturing technologies that provide companies with a differentiating capability.

    The overall theme of Keystone’s technology portfolio is very low cost, close-to-net-shape manufacturing methods for producing complex components. Our core competency is the development of robust, high-quality metals processing technologies, the effective maturation of these technologies to a state of engineering and manufacturing readiness for production, and the implementation of these technologies with our partners and licensees to provide strategic differentiation in the market place.