• Component Inspection

    Keystone is partnered with Proto Manufacturing Ltd. To develop X-Ray Diffraction inspection methods for the measurement of residual stress levels and the determination of grain orientation in gas turbine parts in cast turbine blades.

    The verification of the primary grain orientation and state of residual stresses in directionally solidified and single crystal nickel superalloy turbine blades is critically important to ensure quality and achieve full turbine blade life for gas turbine engines. Unfortunately there is no affordable, commercially available, whole-field techniques for measuring these attributes airfoils.

    Keystone and Proto have demonstrated the methodology and equipment for nondestructive residual stress and grain orientation measurement in critical locations of blade roots with complex geometries. Proto is creating an engineering prototype system in preparation for qualification and deployment.

    The successful demonstration of this technique offers the aerospace industry a system for affordable, nondestructive inspection for local measurements of critical blade features.

  • Grain Orientation and Residual Stress Mapping System

    Blade Root Interrogation

    Portable Grain Orientation and Residual Stress mapping System