• Low Cost Rapid Tooling

    Keystone has developed rapid fabrication methods for tooling and dies used in the manufacturing of composite components. Resin impregnated fibers are placed onto a precision shaped metal tool that generates the desired composite part geometry. These tools, typically made from Invar alloy, are costly and require a long lead-time to fabricate by hand. Keystone has developed metal deposition technology to rapidly form the complex faceplate of the tool, rapidly going from a CAD model to a 3-dimensional structure. This very near-net shape structure would require machining on only the one face to generate the precision surface for composite fiber placement.

    These deposition methods can be used to initially form the tool surface plate, or to modify an existing tool to a revised part geometry to support rapid product development and engineering changes. Metal deposition methods can be used for the repair of damaged tooling as well.

    Keystone has facilities capable of the deposition and machining of large tool faceplates up to 20 feet long, 10 feet wide and up to 6 feet of height.