• Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Parts

    Keystone has developed high-quality Electron Beam (EB) and Robotic MIG Additive Manufacturing (AM) methods that are tailored to a range of applications from rigorous aerospace quality standards to non-critical components for ground vehicles and industrial parts. Keystone has extensive experience with the additive manufacturing of titanium, nickel, aluminum, and steel alloys. These metal deposition methods generate very near-net shape 3-D geometries for highly efficient metal utilization. Keystone’s process understanding enables the control of microstructures for tailored applications.

    For EB additive manufacturing, Keystone is partnered with Acceleron, Inc., a respected electron-beam welding company. The combined materials engineering and manufacturing experience of the Keystone-Acceleron Partnership offers an effective source for additive manufacturing and reconstructive repair processes for commercial and military aerospace components and tooling.

    Keystone has perfected the use of specialized robotic additive manufacturing methods for large, non-critical applications, the fastest growing segment of the large additive manufacturing industry. The robotic platform offers an affordable alternative for structural components and is capable of producing very large parts and tooling.

  • Numerous Customers Want Blocks and Slabs of Deposited Material for Testing and Characterization.

    Small and Large Aerospace Components made using Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing Methods.

    Examples of Complex 3-D Shapes made using the Robotic Additive Manufacturing Technology Methods.