• Keystone Facilities and Capabilities

    Keystone’s Port St. Lucie facility is dedicated to the development of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, housing the robotic AM cell for metal deposition, and 3-D printing of ABS thermoplastic materials for engineering prototypes and models. Keystone’s Florida facility is equipped with computing equipment and analysis tools for extensive probabilistic economic analyses, manufacturing simulation tools, optimization tools, SolidWorks® CAD, and a suite of programming tools. The facility has the ability to deposit metal, form shapes, heat treat parts, and cut up and analyze for microstructural characterization.

    Metal Additive Manufacturing: For non-critical parts, reconstructive repair, and tooling made with Additive Manufacturing, Keystone uses an advanced Lincoln Electric pulsed-power metal inert gas (MIG) welding system integrated with a FANUC robot. Since Additive Manufacturing with a robotic platform requires extensive path planning and programming, Keystone used SolidWorks® CAD integrated with RobotWorks® software for CAD-to-Path path planning and off-line programming tools. Keystone has developed laser positioning and IR thermal monitoring controls for the AM processes on the robotic system.

    Robotic Additive manufacturing Cell Capable of Open-air, Inert Gas Containment and computer Controlled Deposition

    Monitoring Additive manufacturing Work Piece Thermal history using Specialty Infrared Process Sensing and Measurement Capabilities

    Heat Treatment, Sample Cutting, Metallographic Analysis: : Keystone has the basic capability to heat treat, cut up, and analyze parts made by the Additive Manufacturing process to assess quality, validate parameters, and support process development activities. These facilities support the ability to make small prototype parts and perform destructive testing. Keystone has local resources for aerospace-quality machining and metallographic analysis to support the internal capability.

    Heat Treatment Furnaces for 2450°F Inert Gas Capability

    Basic Wet Abrasive and Saw Cutting and Sanding of sample for Metallurgical Analysis

    Sample Mounting, Grinding, Polishing and chemical Etch for Metallurgical Screening. Low and high Power Optical microscopy for Sample Analysis


    50 Ton Press and Media Blast cabinet

    3-D Printing of ABS Plastic Prototypes and Parts: : Keystone has the capability to provide engineering prototypes using their Stratasys® 3-D Printing equipment, supported by CAD and modeling software.

    Stratasys Dimension 1200es-3-D Printing of ABplusTM Thermoplastics