• Acceleron, Inc. – Electron Beam Welding and Metal Deposition

    Faraday Technology, Inc. - Specialized Electrochemical Machining

    Friction Stir Link, Inc. – Friction Stir Welding Service and Equipment

    BoldMar, Inc. – Mega-yacht Designers and Builders

    National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM) – Advanced Manufacturing Research

    K-Tech Corp. – Engineering and Manufacturing Research

    Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics (WCSAR) - Automation and Friction Stir Welding Research

    Visions East, Inc. – Automated Robotic Finishing and Painting of Yachts & Ships

    Atlantic Precision, Inc. - Aerospace Machining and Manufacturing

    Proto Manufacturing, Ltd. – X-Ray Diffraction Research & Equipment

    RPM & Associates, Inc. – Specialized Cladding and Metal Deposition